Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy's Day Weekend

This wasn't the relaxing oasis of couch potato, bon-bon eating I had imagined. Instead, real life got in the way. Saturday was nice with the manicure & pedicure, followed by a crawfish boil at an old friends house. It was great to see her & her family. Sunday was when I pictured relaxing on the couch, doing nothing but reading.

My day started great with Ronnie & Paige making my favorite breakfast: hash browns & an omlette. It was yummy. We hadn't done our weekly grocery shopping yet, so Ronnie made our menu & list & off we went. Or so we thought. Leaving the house involved 10 minutes of Paige whining & 1 temper tantrum. What fun. She ignored me in the car, and hardly spoke to me at the first stop. By the second stop she was tired & a bit cranky, but back to speaking to me. We got home just in time for her nap. Nap time. Where she proceeded to pee & poop in her panties. Not like her at all. After her nap was better, but still some crankiness in there. During her nap time Ronnie insisted on vacuuming the house, including taking off the couch cushions.

Dinner was amazing. Ronnie made me an Asian inspired meal: rice noodles, tofu (which I didn't like), bok choi, portabella mushrooms, bean sprouts & seared scallops in a brown sweet & sour sauce. It was yummy!!

After dinner, Paige helped Ronnie decorate my cake. She was standing on her stool when she slipped & planted her elbow almost dead center of the cake. It was chocolate. I told her to lick it off. She liked that idea.

I think the cake turned out nice. If you look close enough you'll see Paige's elbow print, and sprinkles for Easter, Valentines, Halloween & Christmas.

All in all, it was a great weekend. The tantrums, poop, and elbows in cake just made the day what the day was about: being a Mommy to a little princess. On the brighter side of things Paige did call me a Princess. And I got to teach her the joys of licking the bowl when making a cake.

That made it all worth it.

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Special K said...

Great Mother's Day post and I 100% agree... with kids this little it's about laughing when we should, enjoying when we can, and surviving the rest that makes momhood so wonderful and hilarious. Paige is adorable but I'm changing her name. I think it's time to call her Serling. She'll be able to correct everyone who gets it wrong. Just my 2 cents but I did think that was a crazy cool name and still do, three years later.:) Enjoy Mama (as Sylvie likes to call me now!)