Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It must be tattooed across my forehead. It was a typical Wednesday afternoon. I pulled up at daycare around 5:15 to get my little girl. I be-bop in, sign Paige out, and chat with my friend Lisa before getting Paige from her room. That's when I spot it: the kitten. Lisa is loving on him & petting him & he's just the cutest thing. She found him abandoned on the college campus. Her hubby is allergic, so she can't keep him. We don't need another cat. We have 3 cats & 1 dog already in the house.

What do I do? Pull out my phone and call Ronnie. One of us must be the rational one & say no, right? We don't need another cat. He suggests we take it on a temporary basis. Let's see how it fits in with the other cats, if Marc & Wendy like it, see if we like it. You know, be reasonable. Reasonable? Not likely.

We walk in from daycare & take him over to meet the rest of us. Wendy immediately liked him. After all, he's black & white, so he fits in with the others. The boys, Jeff & Ryan, are all over him. The other cats don't really care. Shadow, the dog? She thinks we got her a new toy. Ronnie likes him, Paige loves him. Everyone thinks he's adorable. So, met the newest member of our family.

He's a boy, about 6 to 8 weeks old is our guess. Lisa was calling him James Bond since he's a black & white cat; it looks like he's wearing a tux. We're renaming him, but don't know what yet. Something Sci Fi, of course. We're thinking maybe something from Battlestar Gallactica. We haven't decided if he's human or cylon though. Suggestions for names? Post 'em in the comments, please.


silver star said...

A tuxedo cat used to visit our place every so often, we called him Tux. Now SciFi names? I've never watched Battlestar Galactica, but I found some Star Trek names that may work, on the original series, there was an episode where two men were half black, half white. One was named Lokai and the other was Bele from the planet Cheron. One of those three names might be nice.

SciFi Mama said...

I guess I should give our other cat's names:

Tux/Cpt Tripps

I'll suggest Loaki or Bele to Ronnie.

Heather said...

Too adorable, and I'm not a cat know, not really (as I restrain myself from calling hubby to see if we can get a kitty)...okay, can't give you a specific name, but I would say that cat is definitely a cylon...or a terminator. Can't wait to hear what you go with. If we ever do get a cat, hubby will insist on calling it Schrodinger.

Jenn said...

Ok the obvious would would be Apollo, Starbuck, or Booner there is always Muffit.

Loaki is cool too and is close to Loki from Norse mythology which is also cool.

C. Beth said...

I weighed in on Twitter; I think Cylon would be a fantastic name. Kobol would be cool too.


Amanda said...

Lol. He's cute. What about Boomer or Adama? [Bill Adama is my hero.]