Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am oh so graceful

Really. I am. Want proof? OK. Last night we went to the park to see the pops concert. Of course, it was canceled due to rain, but we didn't know that. We had meet up with 2 other families to have a picnic while we watched the concert.

I was sitting in a chair, kind of like this one. Do you see those little straps holding out the footrest? Yeah. Wish I had paid attention to them. I caught my right foot as I was trying to stand up. Next thing I know, I'm on my hands & left knee looking down at the tree root I landed on. My right foot was still tangled up in the chair, which was on top of me. Luckily those things are light.

I hobbled to the car. When we got home Paige shared her Ariel ice pack with me. Of course I landed on the knee that I hurt in the Army, resulting in my medical discharge. But that's another post. I took an Ambien so I could sleep. It hurt, but not nearly enough to pay that $125 emergency room copay. I paid the $15 copay at a local Urgent Care this morning. I was examined & x-rayed. My knee is bruised, but nothing is broken. I've been told to keep it elevated, heat & ice, stay off it as much as possible, and take prescription as needed for pain.

Ronnie says I wasn't that graceful when I fell. Maybe I'm just a klutz.


Monica said...

who falls gracefully when being attacked by a chair AND A tree root!

Glad it was a minor injury

C. Beth said...

Oh, Monica, I definitely always fall gracefully. In fact, my falls, bumps, etc. are usually on purpose, just because I know I look so cool. That's why I do these things so often. I'm looking at a lovely bruise on my knee right now--thankfully not in a place that was too painful.

Angie, we may be long-lost cousins with the fantastic, graceful coordination gene we both have! I hope your knee is all better very soon.

Kim said...

Honey...Ronnie is so right...you are not a graceful person..good thing you did not want to be a ballerina, but atleast I would have had a good laugh watching you...lol........I hope your knee feels better and try and listen to the doc!!!