Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Fest

Ronnie & I grew up in this great little artsy town on the coast. We live close enough that we get to go back often. Today we went back to see a new festival, only it's 3rd year going. May Fest is a typical street festival in our hometown. Lots of art vendors, some street fair food, and local musicians playing for the crowd.

First thing we found our friends who were set up: Mermaids Purse Naturals. You can visit their site here. Everything is all natural and handmade. Make sure to check out the Mother & Child section for the foamy soap. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy it. I like that it doesn't have an overpowering scent and doesn't dry out my hands when I use it. Oh yeah, and Paige likes it too. Her booty balm works pretty well also.

As I sat down to chat with Measha, the above owner, Ronnie & Paige went out walking around. We sat there chatting, catching up, when I heard it. The music. We went from Peter Cetera to the Macarana, to Blue Oyster Cult. One of the local bands covered all 3 back to back. It was probably the strangest music set I've ever heard. That's the kind of thing that makes a small town street fair so much fun. You just never know what you'll see or hear.


Jenn said...

Thats the best thing about this time of year, the street fairs. We plan on going to a ocuple local ones on a regular basis as long as it not too hot.

Monica said...

I miss our HOME TOWN!! "cry*