Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grumpy belongs to Paige

Here's tonights dinner conversation.

Paige: "Where Daddy?"

Mommy: "Daddy's at work."

"Paige Daddy. No Mommy's Daddy."

"Yes, he's Paige's Daddy."

"Not Mommy's Daddy. Mommy get your own Daddy."

"Hey, Paige. Grumpy is Mommy's Daddy."

"NO! NO MOMMY'S DADDY! Paige's Grammy. Paige's Grumpy. Mommy get your own Grumpy."

So, I guess after all these years Grumpy is no longer Mommy's Daddy. And now I have to find my own Grumpy. I have a Paw Paw, I wonder if that will do.

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