Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back. Did you miss me?

Did you even notice I was gone? OK, at least you knew I was gone. I spent most of the past week in Jackson, MS. It was my firm's annual training/conference. I spent my days sitting in classes that would make you jealous. Things like How to Detect Fraud, and What To Expect in a Sales Tax Audit. I can feel the envy radiating out from your computers. Oh wait, that's the cat on my lap.

Things have happened in the past week. Like, Ronnie quit his job. He was working 10-18 hour days, 14-18 days in a row without a day off. And it was only getting worse. I won't get into it too much, so there's no mud slinging. But, he decided that spending time with us was more important than working himself to death in a job that didn't respect him. Let's just say that the HR department has their hands full investigating hostile work environment & retribution complaints. No idea what he'll do next. But, we do know that he's taking the next week off. We get a vacation week from daycare and don't have to pay. There will be lots of Daddy- Paige time in the next week while he starts searching for a job.

Also this past week Ronnie turned 36 and the new Cheeburger Cheeburger opened. I can't wait to go! If you've never heard of one, do a quick Google search. Check out the menu and commence drooling.

Finally, we've been threatened with a hurricane. Our preparations are done, since it didn't take much. But, looks like we'll be spared this one. If it takes a turn, I'll let you know!


Special K said...

Gosh! I wish the best for your husband and a new job! Fabulous chef he is, I am sure he will do well. Restaurant business in our family, I know the hours are rough and respect low. Is he considering a new venture, or sticking with food? I wish I could have a cat...we have allergies. Always wanted a cat though.

Carol Beth said...

I totally missed you! And I'm relieved to hear you don't think the hurricane is going to hit.

Good luck with Ronnie; maybe it's time to open Elvis' Mojo & More? (Okay, the name could use some work.)

Will have to Google that restaurant when I'm not still nauseatingly un-hungry from eating breakfast out this morning. (Did you guys ever visit Kerbey Lane Cafe when you were here?)