Friday, August 22, 2008

It had to happen

I was greeted at daycare today by Anne, the director. That's nothing unusual she's always there in the afternoons talking with parents. Today she handed me a little brown bag for me to see the treasure inside.

See, Paige has a thing for rocks. (Uncle Bobby will LOVE to hear that one!) I've found more rocks in my washer and dryer than you would imagine. We forget to check her pockets for her rocks and they get washed. We have a collection of them to give back to Anne. If Paige keeps taking rocks at this rate the playground won't have any left! I call them rocks, but they are smooth little pebbles mostly.

So, back to the rock Anne handed me today. It was special. See, Anne was on the phone with another parent when Paige was brought in from the playground. Anne's an expert at this and didn't panic. She politely told the parent she needed to go, that Paige had a rock up her nose. That's right, she finally stuck something other than her finger up her nose. And it got stuck. Anne put her finger on the other nostril and told Paige to blow. Anne doesn't think Paige will repeat the incident. She said there was deer in the headlights look on Paige's face.

It's a decent size little rock. I'm going to put it in her scrapbook. I can just see it. Prom night, cute guy at the door, scrapbooks laid out on the coffee table. "This? Oh, this is from the rock up the nose stage. Here, take a closer look!" Ahhhh, blackmail.


Carol Beth said...

Oh, no! I'm so glad they got it. Does something in their brains "turn on" at this age, telling them to put thing up their noses?! I'm still worried we didn't get all the play dough out of Ana's. I'm so glad the teacher got the pebble out easily. Whew!

Caroline said...

Holy crap, that's funny. Brett once jammed peas up his nose at lunch. I had to call the ex to come home so I could drive him to the ER. His father walked in the door, Brett said "Hi Dad!" and then sneezed them all out.


Laura said...

Eeek! That's so gross! By the way I haven't checked out your blog before and I am really enjoying it!I miss our old thread :( Laura