Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paige & Mommy Heaven

There are moments when 2 year olds are in their perfect little zone. Paige has just reached it. She has a notebook & crayon and is drawing, while watching Elmo talk about shoes on Sesame Street.

Paige has a shoe fetish and has since she first realized we changed those things on her feet and people said they were pretty. She has about 10 pair of shoes right now that fit. That's a lot for a 2 year old, isn't it? Elmo is a given at this age. (Although I think she's taking after me and Elmo is slowly being replaced with Mickey Mouse!!!) And well, she loves to draw. I hit the back to school sales and got her her very own notebooks (5 cents each at Walmart) and 3 new boxes of Crayons (20 cents at Target). I gave her 1 box and put the other 2 up.

Mommy got an email this morning. The fall consignment sale will be October 1st - 4th. Our local Junior League puts on this sale every spring & fall. They have a huge store they rent and set up rows upon rows of clothes, baby items, anything related to babies, toddlers, young kids, and pregnancy. I get most of Paige's basic clothes here. It's a lot of name brands and really cheap. At the spring sale I got a new looking Ralph Lauren Polo with pink and green stripes for 50 cents. I'll be counting down the days. We like to think of it as Mommy Crack. I'm already putting money aside to do some serious shopping!

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