Saturday, August 2, 2008

The latest dilema

Who needs water? And while you're at it, do you really need sewer, phones lines & a gas line? Obviously the ditch digger working in our backyard didn't think so. It all started about 4 months ago. We got this really cool new shed for the backyard and had electricity ran to it. The cable needed to be buried. We took our time. After all, it wasn't like we were spending a lot of time in the backyard.

Now it's time to mow the glass every week, and the cable needed to be buried. Two weeks ago the line crews came out to mark the existing buried cables. Smart thinking right? We thought so as well, and patted ourselves on the backs. We have these nice bright, hunter orange lines spray painted on our grass. The electricity is clearly marked and even has little orange flags next to it. Go Alabama Power. The gas company wrote "Gas OK" on the grass. The water company? Once it's on your property they won't mark it. Man, I wish we had known that before.

The very nice man burying our cable hit the water, sewer and gas all at once. He capped off the gas pretty fast. Water and sewer? He scratched his head and said he thought he may be able to do something about it. At that point a professional plumber was called. He went back to burying the cable and hit the phone line.

Of course just after that it stormed the rest of the afternoon. There wasn't much the plumbers could do. I had planned a girls night out and kept to it. I bought 2 gallons of water for cooking, washing hands, fixing coffee & brushing teeth. Just after 5 Wendy called in a favor from a friend. He sent a crew out and fixed our water and sewer that afternoon. The also fixed the gas line. Phone? We have cells, but no land line. We can live without it.

Ronnie sent me a text about half way into my second drink: "Paige down, water fixed, taking a shower." Probably one of the best text's I got all week.

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Carol Beth said...

With aim like that, the cable guy should really be working for an oil company.