Sunday, August 3, 2008

He's traveling- again!

Summer is the time of year Ronnie travels with his new job. Once the school year starts he's too busy to travel. So, all of the management staff have to get their training done during the summer months when things are slow. So far Ronnie has been to Nashville, Ole Miss, and now to Chicago. His trip to Atlanta last week was canceled at the last minute.

This trip is a full week. Paige and I dropped him off at the airport this morning at 11. I'll pick him up Friday night at 11 pm. Paige goes to bed by 7:45 every night. That means I have all of this time to myself. What to do with all that time? I have a list:

  • Start a new thread on the Mommy board
  • Upload Facebook pics
  • Clean out fridge
  • Start some ebay auctions
  • Complete at least 2 scrapbook pages
  • Decorate paper lanterns for Paige's bedroom
  • Work on Christmas gifts for daycare
That's 7 items so I think that's enough. And yes, I am working on daycare Christmas gifts already. There are 22 kids in both classes (they combine them for some activities & separate them for others), plus 4 teachers. I bought all of the stuff back in March. It was clearanced out really low at Oriental Trading. I got crafts that make 12, originally sold for $6.99 for only 99 cents. I shopped early and put them up!

I'll check in mid-week to see how I'm doing.

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