Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ahh, being 3

Everyone told me 3 is worse than 2. I was hoping not. Apparently, I was wrong, 3 is worse than 2. Paige is very independent; she has always been this way. For months now she's taken more of an active roll in picking her clothes & getting herself dressed. This morning was one of our worst in recent memory.

It's very cold here today. Last night it got down to 26. I know, not cold by some standards, but I live in the South for a reason! Paige tried to pick a t-shirt to wear today. Um, no. So I let her pick the t-shirt as long as the purple sweater goes over it. Fine. Then she doesn't want to get dressed. Off to the bathroom for a tantrum. Finally she agrees to get dressed. Great. She decides she doesn't want any help. All I'm allowed to do is watch. OK, let's see how that goes. She needed some help with pants. Not that she can't do it, she was playing around & didn't want to. We finally got dressed, or so I thought. She spied the t-shirt she forgot, so we had to take the sweater off to put the t-shirt on underneath. Then she didn't want to put the sweater back on. I finally got her in the sweater and ready for the next battle: shoes.

Paige has picked her own shoes for a couple of years. Today she picked a little pair of dress shoes. I wanted her to wear boots or tennis shoes. We fought over that for a few minutes before she finally agreed to wear her pink boots.

Today was a morning of her doing it herself, and lots of arguing with Mommy & Daddy. It's cold, she must be well dressed to leave the house. I can't send her out in a t-shirt & dress shoes. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I'm not holding my breath.


Monica said...

Dude, seriously next time let her wear what she wants. Take the sweater in your bag and she will admit it eventually. Natural consequences work wonders.

Kim said... only gets worse..I cannot wait to see how Ronnie and you handle the "thong versus grannie panty" battle. Julia is the same way...wants to wear capris today and it snowed last night..She is very warm blooded and gets hot easily...but for moms sake I just tell her to please put some d*** jeans on already! lol!

C. Beth said...

Ugh...we are totally in this phase, sometimes she wants to do something by herself that she's not quite equipped for; othe rtimes she's demanding my help on something I know she can do by herself!!