Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holidays married to a chef

Ronnie is at work even as I type. He had to be in at 2 today. The restaurant's first seating was at 4:30, the last is at 10. We celebrated together last night. We went to see Friday the 13th. It was really good. The theater was packed & the audience was fun. There was lots of screaming, jumping & covering of eyes from those around us. It was a blast. Today was an exchange of gifts: Paige got Madagascar 2, Ronnie got a new copy of Boogie Nights, & I got a replacement for the favorite lip gloss that I lost, Viva Glam 5 by Mac.

Holidays are what you make them. When Ronnie and I first started dating he warned me about the times I would spend without him. As a chef he will work lots of holidays. People go out to eat on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day & Easter. That means he works on those days. We decided at the beginning we would celebrate them when we can. And, that there would be no hard feelings for him missing holidays because of work.

To us yesterday was Valentine's Day. Paige had a party at daycare and we went out. In truth, I had forgotten that today was actually the day until we went grocery shopping. All the men trying to find cards, chocolates & heart shaped balloons was a dead give away. Easter we can't really move. The Easter Bunny still comes bright and early that Sunday morning. Ronnie is at work by the time Paige gets up. She & I hunt eggs together then go to my family's get together. It's always at 12. The only change in my lifetime has been location. It's moved from Granny's to Uncle Little Erie's. We go play, eat & have fun with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents & great grandparents. We can't move Easter because of this tradition. Mother's Day? This one is actually my favorite. See, we move it the weekend before or after depending on what else we have going on. It moves from a day to a weekend. That's right, it's full Mommy's Day Weekend in our house.

There are days Ronnie will have to work. But, there are days when he will make sure he's off. There's Paige's birthday party, and there's our anniversary. Both days he makes sure to be home with us. He typically works both of our birthdays. Not really a big deal. Once again, we celebrate before or after if we can't celebrate on the day. Holidays are what you make them. So we move them to either before or after the date. All that matters is that we enjoy them.

So tonight Ronnie is at work, and Paige is in bed. I've been left alone with the DVR and On Demand. I'll be spending the rest of the night scrapbooking and catching up on some TV. For me it's a nice quiet evening at home. Another advantage to moving our celebration? It's impossible to go out on these days. I get a quiet night tonight, and we can go out when we the crowds aren't as bad.


Monica said...

excellent post. You are so right that holidays are what you make them

Heather said...

That's great. I love hearing about couples who make each other's lives easier rather than getting bitter about things that they knew they were signing on for in the first place.

Oh, and I love the idea of the Mother's Day Weekend, I think I might have to steal that, even if my DH isn't a chef. I bet I could sell it if we did a Father's Day Weekend.