Monday, February 23, 2009

Mardi Gras

We're back from New Orleans. Technically, Mardi Gras day is Tuesday. But, the weekend before is full of celebration. Ronnie's parents, Mimi & Paw Paw, are part of a Krewe, the Krewe of Dreux. We went over to take part in their celebration. For us, this is a great part of Mardi Gras.

The celebration starts Friday night at midnight. That's when the final vote for King & Queen take place. Most krewes do this earlier in the season so that the King & Queen can preside over lots of functions. This isn't that type of krewe. Ronnie went to the party with his parents while I stayed home with Paige. They got home around 2. We were up at 6:15, as usual. (That would be me and Paige. Daddy was still knocked out on the couch.) We woke Daddy up and went out for beingets & to special order our King Cake from Randazzo's. This is the best King Cake we've ever had. And the bakery is located about 2 miles from my in-laws home, so it's perfect! After a breakfast of mini beingets & chocolate milk (Coke for Mommy) at the Beinget Station, we went back to wake Mimi & Paw Paw.

Paw Paw has been working on this bus for Mardi Gras. It started out as a short school bus. It's changed a bit since it's first life. Here's a side view:

And the front:

And finally, the inside:

That couch along the left side is really comfy. And once all the supplies on the right are unloaded, it's a pretty big area.

Saturday was a long day. After we loaded the bus, Mimi, Paige & I went to the starting point. That's where all the Queens kick off the day by walking from the start point (a bar called Bacchus) to the park. Mimi is a Queen, so Paige & I get to walk with her. We walked the 5 or 6 blocks to the park. And the party started. Paw Paw & Daddy had the bus set up complete with grill. We stayed there for several hours hanging out & having a good time.

Here's the Queen & King wearing their capes.

We joined in the parade to go back to the Bacchus. At that point we were all exhuasted, it was about 5 pm, so we headed back to the house. We grilled steaks and had a nice family meal.

Sunday morning we were up early to pick up our King Cake and head home. Ronnie had to be on the road to Atlanta by 11 yesterday. He's on the first part of his 4 weeks away from home. Paige and I layed around the house not doing much but relaxing. I haven't decided if I want to take her out here on Mardi Gras. Oddly enough, I felt completely safe in New Orleans in the middle of everything. Here? I'm more worried. In New Orleans I was surrounded by Krewe members, and there are lots of cop members. Here I would be on my own with no clean potty. Oh, I could meet up with my friends, but there's still no clean potty! And that's a must. Tomorrow we may just spend the day around the houes playing.

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