Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My child is special

I can hear Grammy saying "I told you so." And I can hear everyone else groaning. Every parent thinks their child is special. Well, my really is.

I picked her up from daycare today. As usual, I had to put her shoes & socks on her. Paige hates to wear shoes & socks. When she gets there in the mornings she takes them off. Everyone at daycare does their best to keep them on her all day. They convince her to put them on to go outside to play. But, in the building? Not gonna happen.

So, I sit on the floor to put her shoes & socks on her. And that's when I notice it. Her feet are blue. I'm talking Smurf blue. I start to question her. She painted today. She got paint all over her paper, the other papers, the easel. None on the floor according to the teacher. Paige looks all proud of herself. She told me she painted them. Yep. She sat on the floor, painted her feet, including the soles of her feet, and let them dry.

Even the teacher said Paige is special, and creative. They didn't find any blue footprints on the floor. She must have sat there while she waited for it to dry. A thin coat of paint dries quickly by the way.


C. Beth said...

DEFINITELY a creative girl!

For a minute I thought the blue feet were a sign of some not-so-good medical issue. Very glad it was paint. :)

Eileen said...

Grammy will never say "I told you so", I'm just so proud! She takes after me with the shoes off while inside. She gets her creativity from her Mommy and the artist part comes from her Great Aunt Glennis! But not getting a drop of paint on the floor is definitely all Paige.

Grummpy and I both had a good laugh over this one.

Heather said...

That's Awesome!! Definitely special.

Angie said...

Beth- In our house, we think paint first, anything second. Usually, Paige has managed to paint herself somehow.

Mom- I know I've heard I told you so from you before! And don't forget, her Daddy is a pretty good artist himself.

Heather- She can get into anything. We have an amazing daycare & they absolutely adore Paige. They do get a good laugh out of her most days.