Friday, February 6, 2009


Paige is becoming more observant these days. Some days it's good, some days it's not. Try explaining thongs to a 3 year old. Not so fun. But watching her try to make her panties do the same thing is pretty amusing.

I picked Paige up from daycare & gave her the usual snack: juice (lemonade) & an apple. I guess this apple was juicier than the others. I could see the little light bulb go off over her head. She looked up at me and said, "Mommy! It's got juice!!" She was so excited. I told her that apples do have juice it's where we get apple juice. She really enjoyed that apple.

We got home & I let her pick what to watch. She picked Little Mermaid. Like that's a shock. She was standing up on my rocker helping me put in the movie. That means she wanted to see the DVD to make sure it really had the picture of the mermaid on it before I put it in the DVD player. She spotted this picture on the DVD player.

Paige was not happy the day this was taken. Can you tell? We got a 5x7 for ourselves for blackmail later in life. She looked at the picture & told me the girl wasn't happy. I told her the girl was her. She looked at me all innocent and said, "I'm in time out. I'm crying. That's not nice." She may still throw a temper tantrum, but at least she knows it's not nice.


C. Beth said...

Ha!!! Chickie hasn't really noticed thongs yet. I'm sure that'll be a fun day.

Special K said...

I love it! Sylvie is all opinionated as well about her baby pictures. Logan is just starting to really understand the idea of baby pictures. If Sylvie likes a baby picture of Logan's she INSISTS that it is HER, and not him. He usually says "No, Mommy, that's Sylvie." which makes her feel better. Kids crack me up!!!! Love the bit abotu the candy in your hand as well! So true!