Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Outnumbered

The first thing most people comment on when they see Paige is how much she looks like me. And she does. Paige is very much a little me, in looks. Personality wise? She's all her Daddy. That's probably a good thing because he's much more outgoing than I am. The downside of that, is that well, I'm outnumbered.

For example a few weeks ago I took all the toys out of Paige's room. She was getting up in the middle of the night to play. We could hear every bit of it on the monitor and it kept us awake. We were up part of the night, so we were grouchy. Paige didn't get a full nights sleep, so she was grouchy. Not a good combination. Toys came out, and we all started getting a full nights sleep again.

A few nights ago it was my turn to read bedtime stories. As I settle down into the rocking chair, Paige pulls out a book and her flashlight from under her pillow. It seems that Daddy had given her the flashlight from her Bob the Builder workbench, and a few books. After lights out she's been pulling out her flashlight and books and reading until she falls asleep!

I'm sure I shouldn't say anything. After all, she's reading. Also, I promised myself when I became a parent I wouldn't be a hypocrite. Not that I ever remember sneaking a flashlight under the covers. But I do remember a lot of mornings where I find my book and glasses beside the bed and my light turned off. Mom must have done that since I'm positive I fell asleep reading. Now Ronnie has taken over that job. Many nights I still fall asleep reading and he marks my place in my book, and put it and my glasses on the bedside table.

I'm most definitely outnumbered. Paige and Ronnie are the same personality. I'm not certain what that means for me when she hits 16, but I think I'm ready for it.


Strange Mamma said...

I totally remember doing that when I was young. Probably a little older than Paige, but I mean really how could I put down the Island Stallion at such an exciting part? Even if I had read it three times already.

Monica said...

yeah, I catch myself fighting the hypocrite in me telling my kids lights out! They all read to sleep too.