Saturday, August 29, 2009

A new haircut

We've been letting Paige's hair grow out some. She does great with haircuts. She had her first haircut at around 5 months I think. And we've been cutting it regularly since then. She has this bad habit of twisting her hair with her right index finger while sucking her left thumb. Daycare calls it the "Paige suck and twist." She does it mostly when she's tired or stressed.

I picked her up from daycare on Wednesday to find what appeared to be a 2 inch by 4 inch dreadlock on the right side of her head. Paige had discovered that after she twisted her hair into knots, that she could stick it in her mouth and chew and suck on it. Ok, let's be honest. That just grosses me out. It's super nasty. Ronnie had been talking about cutting her hair, I decided it was time. Trying to brush that mess was awful. There was lots of crying and screaming. And Paige cried too!

When we got home I went home and immediately made an emergency hair appointment with Aunt Wii for Thursday afternoon. Thursday morning I told my boss I needed to leave early for an emergency haircut. Once I explained it, she completely understood. Aunt Wii ended up cutting about 2 to 2 1/2 inches off.

Here's the before:

Please notice that she didn't chew her hair that day. Figures.


After she looked in the mirror:

Paige was not happy with getting her hair cut. She wanted her hair longer. Must be some girly thing, I like mine super short. Aunt Wii was happy with it. Mommy and Daddy are happy with it. Until this afternoon if I ask her about her hair, she refuses to speak to me. But she does say she likes it.

*Please note the super cool mural in the background. Aunt Wii's brother painted that for her. Aunt Wii loves suns and moons.*

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C. Beth said...

Paige is adorable, and her hair looks great! The dreadlock thing is hilarious.