Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travel Preparations

Our big trip is coming up in a week. I will be flying alone with Paige. We have 2 short flights, about an hour and a half each, and a 1 hour layover in between. A road trip I'm prepared for. We've done those together, just the 2 of us, before. I know how to keep her occupied, and how she'll react to things. Flying is a bit different. First, how will she like it? Next what if she screams the whole way? I have to think of the other passengers too. I had a few ideas, but turned to the flight guru, Beth, to ask for suggestions.

Beth was kind enough to confirm my thoughts and add a few of her own. I'll be checking the car seat as luggage (free of charge, thank you very much) instead of at the gate as I was planning. I'll be set with the laptop, iPod and iPhone, just as I had planned. I've also gotten a hidden stash of travel coloring books and colors, a composition book and some stickers. I'll pack some snacks and Crystal Light To Go packs.

We're flying Delta and we each get 2 carry ons. I'll probably only have 1 for myself, but it is a pretty big backpack. Paige will have 2. She'll have her small pink backpack that she packs her toys into, and her Pink, her teddy bear that she can't leave at home. Someone suggested I bring candy that she's not normally allowed at home as a special treat. Um. No. Paige doesn't eat much candy and when she does, she gets super hyper. I'm thinking peanut butter crackers, potato chips, things like that. And gum. Paige doesn't know how to pop her ears. If you have a suggestion on how to teach her to pop her ears, please let me know.

I'm making lists of things to take. I don't want to over pack, and Kim does have a washer and dryer. But I want to take enough for the trip without having to do laundry unless Paige spills milk all over the suitcases! I'm also trying to get away with just 1 large suitcase, less for me to deal with.


C. Beth said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! :) It sounds like you're very well-prepared. I think the one suitcase thing is a great idea; I was just looking at some medium-sized suitcases today. I think I'm going to buy one so I can do one suitcase on our trips too.

Monica said...

I always pack each kidlet a backpack with things that are all new. Not expensive, just new. Sounds like you are bringing all the right stuff. Maybe a new book or a dress for Pink?

Have a safe trip!

Strange Mamma said...

Gum can sometimes help with the popping. Also blow your nose, but hold it closed (just don't blow hard, just enough to feel your ears pop, she might get a kick out of feeling her ears do funny things). One thing about candy, sucking on hard candy is supposed to be one of the best ways to get kids to equalize their ears without even trying. Maybe some sugar free stuff would do the trick without making her hyper. Also, one thing I've learned from Beth is to talk to her, prepare her ahead of time. Get her excited about what the plane ride is going to be like, find a way to spin those things you're most nervous about into something fun. Maybe practice ear popping before hand so she's ready. Asher and I have done a lot of travelling, but of course he's much younger. I'm kind of looking forward to when he's older and we can play games and such.

Jenn said...

I know for me the other hting that pops my ears is yawning. So maybe make a game of it and see if that works.