Thursday, August 20, 2009

New shoes

Ronnie and I are attending a black tie dinner Saturday night. It's an annual event for the hospital where he's executive chef. He went out and rented a tux. Luckily, I had a little black dress in my closet. I've had it for probably 4 years or more but never had a reason to wear it. I didn't have any shoes that were appropriate for the dress. So shoe shopping I went.

Shoe shopping sounds like it would be fun. Sometimes. See, I have a small foot, wearing a size 6. When a store gets in a style of shoe they usually only get 1 pair of size 6. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, they get 2 pair of size 6's in a style. The same thing happens for the larger sizes as well. If you were a 7 though, they get lots in that size. The result is usually when I go shoe shopping I find really cute shoes that I like, but they don't have my size. It makes shopping for shoes for a specific occassion rather hard. I finally found a great pair of Candies peep toe, 4 inch heels that are perfect. And the heel is fat and chunky, not a thin stilleto, so I can stand longer in them.

Wednesday morning, my unobservant child walked into my bedroom and immediately noticed a new shoe box. The fact that it's bright pink probably helped. Her face lit up.

Paige: "AAAHHH!!! New shoes!!"
Mommy: "Yes, Paige, new shoes."
P: "Are they for me??" You can see the excitement.
M:"No, they're for me." Her little face falls.
P: "Oh. I want new shoes too! Try them on so I can see."

I did try on the shoes. And no, she won't be getting a new pair just yet. When winter gets here and she needs new shoes, then I'll buy her new shoes. Not until. And for the record, Paige loves the new shoes. When we got home yesterday afternoon she went to look at them. She actually opened the box and petted them like they were a cat. I see lots of shoe shopping in my future.


C. Beth said...

Yay, how fun!

I got some shoes for me and for the kids today. Just at Payless. I'm somewhat wary of them but I think I found some decent, comfy shoes--and they were dirt cheap. :)

Angela said...

Payless shoes are decent. Paige has several pair, and so do I. When you have to have dressy shoes for work, you tend to pick the cute stuff up cheap where you can.

Strange Mamma said...

oooh, new shoes! Where are is the picture? I wanna see, too! I love shoes. I got out of the habit of buying them when I was pregnant because all I could wear were flats so I've been having fun looking at nice shoes again.