Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekend Commitments

We try to pack so much into our weekends, like everybody else it seems. Some weekends I just want to turn off our phones, disconnect the computers and veg. We never go so far as to shut down the phones and the computers, but we do get to relax some weekends. Others, we just spread ourselves too thin. Some weekends we do completely opposite things.

With both of us working regular, full time jobs, we don't get to see or do a lot of things with Paige during the week. We're home from work and daycare by 5:45, but it's cook supper, bath, brush teeth, and in bed by 7:45. Not a lot of time for fun. And none of us like to get out of bed in the mornings, so by the time we pull ourselves out of bed we're rushing to get ready and leave on time.

Last weekend Ronnie took Paige to New Orleans to visit his family, so I got a nice, relaxing weekend to myself. Glad we all enjoyed it. This one should be interesting. Saturday morning Ronnie has to go help out with the food for a wedding. (Aunt Wii's sister Kathi is getting married in the early afternoon.) While he's gone to that we'll go see my parents then off to a birthday party for a cousin. (Andrew is just a few months younger than Paige and we picked out some cool gifts.) By the time we get home from that it will be time for supper.

Sunday is our usual activities: making a menu for the week, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning house and spending time together. I would like to go to the science museum but not sure if we'll have time. That may have to wait until next weekend. Oh wait, next weekend Ronnie is helping build a carport for my parents. Oh well, we'll get their eventually I guess.

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Strange Mamma said...

Ugh, I know. I hate when all weekends for the foreseeable future are already booked up. The Rocket Scientist is always trying to fit one more activity in there. Understanding the effects of activities on time is not his area of expertise.