Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Overnight Potty Training

It's driving me crazy! I'm not sure I had that far to go to get there in the first place. Paige just doesn't get it. She's been daytime potty trained for close to a year now I guess. That part she got early. It's the overnight. I think maybe she just sleeps too hard and doesn't realize she needs to potty.

We restrict her liquids in the afternoons and evenings. She potties just before she goes to bed. We use the thick potty training panties and plastic panties over them. I even put a cloth diaper inside the panties. She still wakes up having soaked through everything, including the sheets. I'm doing more laundry than ever.

So, all you potty training gurus out there. What next? I'm about ready to go back to diapers for a while. We've been doing this for 2 weeks and it's not getting any better at all. In fact, some mornings, it's worse. Each morning we have to give her a quick shower to get all the pee off her. Toss the sheets and pajamas in the washer, and try to still make it out the door on time.


Strange Mamma said...

Sorry, I got nothing but a hardy 'hang in there' as I have yet to do anything more than sigh longingly at that distant future of 'no diapers' and 'big boy pants'. Best of luck!

Veggie said...

I would put towels instead of sheets, and would leave a potty in their room.

Also I would not put any underwear at night because they have the sensation of a diaper. If they are naked, they get a better 'feel'.


SciFi Mama said...

Great suggestions! We may try that this weekend. Not sure I want to "rock the boat" by changing it up during the week.

Special K said...

What about those "Cool Alert" training pants? Is she a deep sleeper? Maybe she just doesn't wake up to pee. Sorry we didn't have that issue. But we have the opposite one, I didn't get a full night's sleep between age 2 (when she trained) and age 3 (when her bladder caught up in ability to get through the night)

C. Beth said...

With all the "right" stuff you're doing I wonder if she's just not physically at the point where she can wake up enough/have enough control. We're doing Pull-Ups at night because it's easier and she sometimes wakes up dry, sometimes wet. It's very common to still not be night-trained at this age!

silver star said...

I'm not a parent, so my advice may have very little merit. I know my mom can't eat anything within a few hours of going to bed or she'll have acid reflux, so maybe not allowing her to drink anything within an hour or two of bed might help. It may also be like Beth said, she's not physically at that stage yet. I've known kids that were 4 or 5 and still wet the bed at night.