Thursday, July 31, 2008

Game Night

We have this about once a month or so. That's just how it works out. It typically starts with me, Ronnie, Wendy, Marc & Ryan. We then make a few phone calls and add a few more to the mix. Lately Woody & JB have been coming over as well. Game night starts after Paige goes to bed at 7:45. We tuck her in, then bring out the board games. Mostly we have trivia games. OK, pretty much all we have is trivia games & Star Wars Monopoly.

Most games now we play in teams since there are so many of us. When we deal with topics from the 80's we let Woody, Ryan & JB all be on 1 team. After all, only JB was born before the 80's. Seems only fair. Depending on how long each one takes we may play more than 1. When we play Trivial Pursuit we almost always start everyone with the orange wedge. None of us are sports people.

Currently our game nights include:
Star Wars Trivial Pursuit
80's Trivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture
Scene It Marvel Comics
For The Record 80's & 90's Edition
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

We didn't like the rules for 5th grader, so we changed them to make the game more fun & competitive. Trust me, after a few drinks this one is a lot of fun.

Our evening does start in the kitchen where everyone makes the drink of their choice. We all grab a snack or 2, then head to the living room. We huddle around the coffee table on our choice of chair. I drag my rocker over. Wendy likes to sit on a big workout ball. Ronnie likes the black slingback chair, if he can get the cat out of it.

We usually play for several hours then call it a night. A fun evening overall. Not your typical go out and have a good time, but definitely fun. People are welcome to bring their games over for us to inspect and say yes or no to.

Just a tip: If we invite you over for game night, we'll kick you butt so be ready. Ronnie is always on my team. He can quote Star Wars line for line, knows more music trivia than this old DJ, and Marvel Comics? He knows the answer before you finish asking the question. He rocks!


Carol Beth said...

I'm so jealous; I love playing games. I have a wonderful husband but he is NOT a game player unless it's a video game. Sigh.... When I get together with my family I try to catch up by playing game after game after game. I prefer card games, though, and I'd also kick your butts on Cranium. ;) Okay, maybe not kick your butts because you're a smart bunch but I'd at least hold my own!

Caroline said...

Jealous too, we were a Trivial Pursuit family and when Geekie Brother and his girlfriend visit we often split a bottle of wine and drag the board out. Alas, we can find no players in Bumfark. Hmph. Room at the coffee table for two more??

Angie said...

Caroline, come on! We can play Trivial Pursuit after we get back from a Mardi Gras parade! We always have room for more.