Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Tax season is over, and it's my birthday. All on the same day. What a great day! My day didn't start out all that great with some early morning work phone calls for Ronnie. It did get better from there. Paige was very good for Mommy this morning. That always makes for a good morning.

Work had a much more casual feeling today. The pressure of April 15th was off of everyone. Even those of us who don't actually prepare taxes. (People like me end up doing extra work to free up tax prep time for others.) It was almost a party atmosphere. We had our After Tax Season luncheon today. A nice 2 hour lunch to relax & have fun.

Tonight's dinner was amazing. Ronnie grilled asparagus & steaks, and baked potatoes. That was followed by a cake made by Ronnie & Paige. She was so cute spreading green icing, sprinkling chopped pistachios, and putting strawberries on top.

Tomorrow night I'll go out with some girl friends for a girls night out. No men allowed. Even the bartender & server we have are females. No men, no kids. Sounds like a great time with friends. Now that tax season is over & things are more relaxed, you can expect more posts.


Monica said...

I am so glad you are having such a great birthday!

C. Beth said...

Happy birthday, Angie!!!!! It sounds great. Hope you're having a great girl's night. I want to see a pic of that cake--sounds fantastic!

silver star said...

Happy Birthday!