Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Garden

We decided this year that we wanted to do a garden. It's something we can do together & get us out of the house. Besides, with the economy going south, and fresh veggies getting higher & higher, it will be easier on our checking account. At least hopefully it will be.

The garden hadn't been used in about 3 years, so it was a bit overgrown.

Paige was ready to help us pull up all the grass.

We kept the rosemary bush as well as the Jasmine. Everything else came out, including a lot of the top soil.

Once we got everything cleaned out, it was time to add in some manure & potting soil. Ronnie formed the rows up into hills. This way Paige could see where she could walk and where she couldn't. She has pink gloves, pink trowel, & a pink sunhat. She's all ready to help out in the garden. We wanted to make sure she could clearly see where not to walk. Paige got to help plant the jalapenos with Daddy & Paw Paw. (Paw Paw & Aunt Maria stopped by at just the right time to help out.)

I think the end result turned out pretty nice. Well, OK, the intermediate result.

We planted jalapenos, green bell peppers, cucumber, roma & grape tomatoes, okra, corn, & zucchini. We tried to pick some of the items we use the most. And things we thought we could grow in our little backyard garden. We're not so sure about the corn, but we're giving it a shot. I'm not going to tell you that we're all organic. We did use organic potting soil & manure. But we're using Miracle Grow LiquiFeed every 2 weeks. I'm guessing that doesn't count as being all organic.

Anyone else out there planting a garden this year?


Steph said...

It looks great! I'm so jealous that you've got everything planted already. I'm in Central Ohio and it's not consistently warm enough to plant anything until around Mother's Day. I have a small garden plus some space around my deck. I can't plant alot but do get around 6 tomato plants, zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant, cukes and some green beans. Some years everything does great but there's usually one "crop" that doesn't do so well. Like last year, my eggplants never really grew. Ah well, I don't know what I'm doing so it's probably an minor miracle that anything grows at all!!

Heather said...

I'm jealous too. We finally have a yard, and even though they call it a garden here, there is no actual 'garden' and since we're renting we can't exactly tear a section of it up. We had hoped we would be near a community garden, I remember keeping one of those up with my Grannie and Grandpa when I was a kid, but they're all on the other side of town. Boo. Well, next house, right?

C. Beth said...

How lovely!! Good for you!!