Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tea Party

Saturday we went to visit Grammy & Grumpy. Paige loves her Grammy & Grumpy. She had been asking for them for a week or longer, so we went for a visit. Mom, aka Grammy, has a lot of little knick knacks around the living room. And of course, Paige loves to play with them.

This past visit Paige discovered the tea set. It's a miniature resin tea set where everything is shaped like magnolias. At first she had a tea party with the teddy bears playing checkers. But they got boring, they didn't talk back to her. Next, she invited Grammy for a tea party. Grammy had to teach Paige to stick out their pinkies when they drink tea. As Grammy said, all good Southern Belle's stick out their pinky when drinking tea.

Paige and Grammy had a wonderful tea party while the rest of us watched. She did offer to share with Grumpy. I guess Mommy & Daddy just didn't cut it Saturday.

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C. Beth said...

How sweet!! Chickie and I had our first tea party several weeks ago but we don't have a kiddie tea set. I think we need one. I had a special one growing up.