Monday, April 20, 2009

Mean Mommy Strikes Again

And Mean Daddy too. See, we only cook 1 meal a night in this house. There's no special meal for a 3 year old who decides she doesn't like what we cook. If we cook something I know she hates, like asparagus, I will make her a different veggie. But, a whole meal? Nope. And if it's a meal I know she likes? Little girl better be eating. Mommy doesn't play that game.

Last night Paige sat down at the table & announced she was not going to eat. She asked to get down. We told her no, that she could sit with us at the table. Lately she's decided she doesn't want to eat supper, she would rather play. In order to stop her from playing through supper the new rule is she must sit with us while we eat.

Paige refused to eat. And refused to eat. And refused to eat. After her bath she asked for a snack. I sat her at the table with her plate & cup still on it. She didn't want it. Fine. Paige went to bed hungry last night. It was the first time she's completely eaten nothing for supper. She woke up at 2:30 this morning crying. I couldn't understand her until I sat with her. She was trying to tell me she wanted to eat her supper. I was nice to her and put her back to bed. It was 2:30 in the morning & Mommy was tired.

This morning Paige woke up at the usual time. She was hungry. She ate 3 French toast sticks for her first breakfast. (Our little hobbit gets 1st breakfast at home & 2nd breakfast at daycare.) She wasn't happy this morning. She woke up hungry & cranky from waking up during the night.

You know what? She ate her supper tonight. And asked for seconds.


Monica said...

you go girl!

Heather said...

That's awesome.

C. Beth said...

This sounds very similar to what's been happening in our house--Chickie not wanting to eat because she'd prefer to play! Aargh!