Sunday, April 26, 2009

Relay for Life was fun!

We had an absolute blast! I knew when I signed up that I wouldn't be able to make it all night. I knew we had too much to do Saturday for me to sleep the day away. Besides, I get cranky when I'm tired. Kelli and I left work at 3 to go set up our tent. We didn't have much in the way of decorations, but we had plenty of food & drink to get ready.

The event kicked off with the Survivor lap. There goes Todd & Kelli starting their victory lap.

Then no survivor got there alone, they all had to have a caregiver. The second lap is the survivor with their support. Kelli and her sister Katie, Todd and his wife Jessica. This was my favorite picture of the entire night.

There were activities planned all night. There was line dancing, a scavenger hunt, mascots from local schools out there, shaving a balloon, and a talent contest. The organizers also scheduled a movie, video games, and a few other things to keep people awake.

The luminary took place around 9:30. The entire track is lined with luminaries. They were in honor of those who had died, celebration of the survivors, and support for those going through cancer now. I probably should have taken pictures, but it wouldn't have done it justice. The entire group walks the track as one, and in complete silence. All lights are turned off, and the only thing lighting the way is the luminaries. After the lap is complete, everyone gathered at the stage to watch the slide show. It lasted until around 10, which is 2 1/2 hours after Paige's bedtime. I looked over and found this.

It may look like he's sleeping, but he's not. Just enjoying a bit of snuggle time with his little girl. Ronnie left a full day of work to come out and grill for us. We had hamburgers, sausage, and hot dogs. He's so good, he even kept all the pork away from the beef so that our Muslim attendees could eat! After this they both came home & went to bed.

I made it until about 1:30. Ronnie came back to help us break down & load the huge grill pit back into the truck. I spent yesterday recovering & unloading. My van was packed full from all the stuff we needed. I cleaned out ice chests, dried out banners & tents, and ran 2 full dishwashers. We're already making plans for next year. We're thinking a luau theme for our tent. I can't wait.

If you've never participated, I highly recommend it. Amy posted a comment in another post asking what to expect. Bring a chair, plenty of Coke, good TP for the porta potties, a towel to dry off everything when it gets wet (we live in a very humid area), and a box of Kleenex. If you don't tear up with the Survivor Walk, then you will with the luminary walk. Also bring a camera to remember the times. And like us, you'll probably be taking notes & discussing what you can do next year to make it even better.

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Heather said...

How awesome. I have to say I teared up just looking at your picture (the survivor plus caretaker one got me). I'm so happy I'm going to be back in Chicago to see my BFF cross the Avon 2-day finish line again this year.