Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party Cubed

This is a week of Christmas parties for us. First, my office is having is official Christmas party & luncheon today. Tomorrow Paige has her daycare party. Saturday night is our unofficial work party. One of my coworkers decided we needed a huge blowout. Another volunteered her house. It all just came together.

Last night I had to finish up my last minute stuff. I made a huge bag of Puppy Chow to take to my office party today. Then, while that was cooling I made 16 English muffin pizzas for Paige to take to daycare tomorrow. They had to be made in batches of 8, so it took a bit of time. I also made Christmas tree soaps to add to her teachers gift bags. They are completely done now: 1 ornament, 2 chocolate covered pretzel rods & a soap. The bags for her friends have been done since last week. I'm ready to take them in and let the kids have them. I want to see how well they're liked.

Since none of this can happen until Paige is in bed at 7:45, it means I get a late start to doing anything. But, it looks like we're about done for the holidays. Ronnie has to make the appetizers to take to the party on Saturday. He's making spinach bacon dip & bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos.

To answer a question posted in comments: Coke salad is a jello salad made with Coke, pineapple, cherries, nuts, celery (left out of mine cuz I hate it) & cream cheese. It's super yummy. I'll try to find my recipe or get it again from Mom and post it.

And the decorating contest has been postponed again. Well, the winner announcement has been postponed. It will now be done tomorrow. We have coworkers coming in from offices out of state. Since they can be completely impartial, they will be our judges. They won't know who decorated what area. They will vote by numbers. The area with the most votes wins! Stay tuned, I'll let you know how we did tomorrow night.


Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Wow. That recipe looks ... odd! I may just have to try it!

The best to you and this blog. It looks great!

C. Beth said... did you do with the decorating contest?

You are AMAZING with everything you get done. Those teacher gift bags sound great!

And Ronnie's appetizers are making me salivate....