Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

It's 8:30, Paige is in bed, Santa has eaten the cookies & left the gifts. Santa even had time to play a little bit of computer game. I thought we were going lite with Christmas this year. It seemed like we were going lite. Paige got a couple of big gifts, then a few small ones. The more I wrapped the more I found to wrap. I didn't think I was going to finish! Our Christmas tree looks like it exploded presents.

It was an icky-rainy day here, so we spent it mostly indoors. We did venture out to the grocery store in order to get some last minute items. Unfortunately, I thought I still have Coke and I don't. Marc & Wendy are out, so I can't just run to the store. I did send Ronnie a text asking him to pick some up on his way home. Mommy without Coke is NOT pretty. I can go without ever drinking another sip of coffee my entire life. Do not ask me to give up the Coke. It's just not going to happen. Yes, I'm willing to pay convenience store prices in order to have a 12 pack in my fridge tomorrow morning.

We met Ronnie at work for an early lunch. Then Paige napped. This afternoon we made cookies for Santa & reindeer food. Since it was raining tonight we couldn't spread it for the reindeer. Paige settled for putting it in a big bowl next to Santa's cookies. She was super excited about the new, matching jammies for the 2 of us. She asked where Daddy's were. I couldn't explain that Target didn't make them in matching for Daddy. So, I told her they were only for girls. That always works!

Tomorrow morning will be spent here, then the afternoon with family. We'll go to Ronnie's parents house, then on to Granny's house where my entire family will be. I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and that Santa brings you what you asked for. (COKES SANTA, I NEED A 12 PACK OF COKE!) I won't be online again until Friday probably. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Spend time playing with the kids, and remembering why you always woke up so early on Christmas morning.


Jenny B said...

I understand the Coke situation. I am the same exact way.

Hope you have a great Christmas. Enjoy.

Special K said...

Sending you some virtual cokes! Merry Christmas!!! It has been wonderful having an online friend like you!!!