Monday, December 22, 2008

To Do List

I'm a list maker. There's usually so much going on, that if I don't make a list, I'll forget something. Some days I know there's a lot to do once I get home, so I'll start making a list at work. I started today's list about 3 or so. I would think of something, add it to the list, and keep going on with work. I leave off the stuff like bath, pajamas, bedtime story. But, I do put a few off the DUH! things on there. There's just that satisfaction of getting to cross it off the list. Here's tonight's list:

  • Set coffe pot
  • Milk for daycare
  • Make rice for tomorrow's supper
  • Make supper
  • Clean kitchen
  • Balance checkbook
  • Pay bills
  • Make invitations
  • Make art pen pal project
  • Wrap last gifts
  • Fix Buzz Lightyear ornament someone knocked off the tree
  • Sweep/mop kitchen
  • Vacuum
  • Blog
  • Enter Coke rewards
  • Go to drug store and gas station
  • Laundry
That's it. It's 18 separate entries. You'll be happy to know that as of this post, I've completed 13 of them. The art project is a 3 nighter at least. I've glued, now I have to wait for it to set, tomorrow night I'll paint, then I glue again on the 3rd night. I may not finish Paige's birthday invitations tonight, but I'll at least get the 3 done for her friends at daycare we're inviting. Finally, I didn't vacuum. It's just too late. Maybe tomorrow. And as soon as I post this, I'll wrap the last 2 gifts. I've at least touched on everything on the list. I'll just have to carry a few things over.

I do recommend the list. I can procrastinate with the best of them. I find a book, a blanket & the couch and I'm done. I can spend the rest of the night right there happy as can be. But, knowing it's written down, all that stuff I need to get done, I just have to do it. I have to mark the stuff off the list. It's a good feeling of accomplishment. My secret, of course, is adding something I know no matter what, I'll get done. Like cook supper. It's a gimme, so you know you'll mark 1 thing off the list.

edited: I finished the invitations. Or, at least as many as I think I'll need. I've hand made them, but that's another post. The only carry overs to tomorrow is vacuum and work on the art pen pal project.

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