Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures- Finally!

This year there weren't a lot of pictures. Paige was a diva avoiding the paparazzi. She kept putting her hand up in front of the lens and saying "No take pictures of me!" I did snap a few, since it was Christmas, but for the most part, I didn't take that many.

Santa did a nice setup in the living room. She watched Die Hard as she set up the gifts.

Santa brought a doll house that's bigger than Paige, a Bob the Builder work bench & a pink dolphin. There's also tons of stuff under that tree!

The next morning, Paige came in & couldn't believe that Santa had brought it for her. She kept asking if it was hers, and if she could play with it.

She wasted no time in opening the gifts under the tree.

We were super cute in our matching jammies. This is one of my favorite traditions that we've started. I shop early to make sure I can get them matching, and in the correct sizes. On Christmas Eve after taking a bath, I pull out the new ones for her to put on. She got so excited this year. I laid out both sets of jammies on the bed so she could see that mine matched hers.

Paige and Daddy laid down on the floor to play with the new toys. She was so excited and overwhelmed she had no idea what to play with first.

Paige loves to color, and got 2 new Color Wonder sets. She was coloring with Daddy, while wearing 3 sets of barrettes in her hair. Everything else is scattered around.

Overall, I think there was a good haul this year.

I took my camera to Granny's house, but forgot to get it out and take any pictures. Paige took pictures on her camera, but they were odd pictures. If you would really like to see Granny's floor, let me know. I've got pictures of it. And of her couch, the table, and various other objects that stood still long enough. In a few weeks I'll review the hits & misses of Christmas. We need time to play with them to decide whether they were a good buy or not.


C. Beth said...

I love the jammies!

Tell Santa he did a great job for Paige!

Monica said...

awesome christmas pjs...super cute indeed.