Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Picture Delay

Sorry, but there's been a delay in the posting of Christmas pictures. I know, you're disappointed. You were just waiting to see the picture of me and Paige in our matching jammies. There's been complications. See, Ronnie works nights 3 nights a week and by the time he gets in from work I'm ready for bed. I get woken up. Then, when he comes to bed I get woken up again. Then if Paige wakes up during the night for any reason, I get woken up again. And let's not forget that Ronnie is having sinus issues & as a result is snoring at night. The result? Mommy needs a good nights sleep! I'm cranky. And Paige is pushing ever button trying so hard to push me to my limits. And she's doing a good job of it too.

Last night she started coughing around 2:30. The end result was her throwing up all over her bed. She ate gumbo for dinner. It wasn't pretty. And I didn't get much sleep at all. We spent the day going to Target for a few items, then meeting up with Ronnie's older sister and her family. I haven't had the time or energy to download pics from the camera.

I'm about to put Ronnie to work downloading so that I can post pics. I somehow managed to not take a single picture at Granny's house last night. I don't know how, other than the massive confusion.

If I did my math correctly, there were 39 people in her house last night. Please remember that it was only immediate family. To me, that is what Christmas is all about. The huge amounts of cousins, aunts & uncles sitting around chatting, eating & playing with kids. To be honest, I didn't even know where Paige was half the time. She was in a safe, family environment with lots and lots of adults around. It's community parenting. If you see someones child doing something wrong or possibly dangerous, you stop them. We all watch out for each others kids, after all, we're family. I knew she was in the house & that's all that mattered.

We splurged on an After Christmas Adults Only Dinner. Mommy had a couple of margaritas. I'm blogging buzzed. It's time for me to curl up on the couch with Ronnie and watch Sixteen Candles before trying to get a full nights sleep. Tomorrow it's back to normal.

Oh, and it's a journey diamond necklace, not an eternity necklace. I stand corrected.

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Kim said...

Hey girl! No wonder I didnt hear from you...our was interesting Christmas and am now watching as Ken looking at me like a piece of meet.