Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crafting fool

We had the usual busy weekend: after Thanksgiving shopping, putting up the tree, and crafts. I wanted to complete as much as I could before the holidays got here. It seems the closer we get, the faster time goes. Paige went to church with Aunt Wii Sunday morning & I got out the glue gun. I would work on one project until I had to wait for glue to dry. Then I moved onto the next one. I would alternate between projects until everything was complete.

Sunday I managed to complete:
7 teacher gifts for daycare
6 gifts for my Secret Santa at work
18 chocolate covered pretzels
4 Blues Clues game sets

I'm now caught up on in-progress projects. The only real project left is my on-going, scrapbooking. I do need to get that caught up. Now hopefully I'll have the time to do so.

Paige helped us decorate the tree. I'll post pictures of it in my next blog.

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Monica said...

yay!!! I can't wait for tree pictures.