Monday, December 22, 2008

Ideas Wanted

I'm looking for more things to do with Paige on Christmas Eve. Ronnie is working a double this year. She's really at an age where she gets the whole Santa thing & is getting excited.

Here's what we have so far:
New, matching jammies for Mommy & Paige.
Bake cookies for Santa.
Make reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn.

That's it. Nothing else special. I don't really want to start the opening 1 present early tradition. I want her to come in Christmas morning and go crazy with all the cool stuff!

You will be very happy to know that Santa did purchase a pink gift, then forgot about it. Santa found it last night while gathering up all the gifts to open & jammies to wash. It's a wooden percussion dolphin. Something like this, only hers is pink.

So, what do you do on Christmas Eve?


C. Beth said...

Oh, that's cute! Chickie would love it. Probably would play with it past my point of tolerance. :) But I'd like Santa to get her something like that!

Bri said...

You could read the Night Before Christmas or watch a Christmas movie cuddled on the couch. Our Christmas Eve usually consists of opening tons of gifts with the in laws. This year we will get dressed in Christmas jammies and "read" the Night Before Christmas (I forgot the book at home, maybe MIL has one or if nothing else we can try and remember it off the tops of our heads).

Monica said...

I read my boys the story of Jesus birth from the Bible by only the light of the tree. It is peaceful and sweet. We also do Christmas Eve pjs and usually watch Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas.

Monica said...

Oh I forgot. You can track Santa on the

There is also a cool thing where you can add her pic and put her name on the nice list...

Special K said...

-Christmas movies and books
-Hot Chocolate
-What about making one more decoration just for santa. Like some coloring papers or a chain of papers, or a "rug" for him to rest his dirty boots on while he is inside. You're crafty- something crafty would be fun.
More strands of Christmas lights in the room and lights out and sitting with flashlights and christmas lights while reading books in your new jammies could be a blast!
-Laying under the tree and looking up and telling stories. Such a fun tradition.
-If you're looking for daytime activities, dropping off something nice and charitable to a senior home or some of your husband's yummy cooking to another family would be a cool activity.
-Also, my zoo does christmas week activities if you are by a children's place, worth checking online for their special activities.
You're so lucky it's not 30 below zero windchill!