Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ronnie's been home for a little over a week now. There have definitely been some adjustments. Paige and I had our routines down pat. We got up in the morning. She & I got dressed together in Mommy's room. Then, we brushed teeth & hair, put on our makeup, and headed to the kitchen. I made her waffles or French toast sticks for breakfast (frozen) as I fixed my coffee, her chocolate milk, grabbed lunch from the fridge. Feed the cat, and out the door we went. We could both be ready to go in less than 40 minutes. Nice since Mommy frequently oversleeps! In the evening I fixed dinner while she played or watched a cartoon. Then it was bath, play, read books, brush teeth, and off to bed by 7:30 for her.

Now that Ronnie is home there's some refining to our routines. Now there are 3 of us trying to get into the bathroom at the same time. The sink isn't big enough for all of us to brush teeth at the same time. The microwave (combo microwave, toaster oven & convection oven) & coffee pot are next to each other. That means there are 3 of us trying to fix breakfast & coffee at the same time. Lunch is still packed & ready to go in the fridge. And most days we remember to feed K-9 on the way out the door. Evenings are definitely much easier. We aren't nearly as pressed for time. Paige's bed time has been pushed back to 8. With Ronnie's commute he doesn't even get home until close to 6 now. I start dinner while Paige plays. Ronnie gets home, finishes dinner & we go from there.

We've added Wii nights to our evening routines. Once Paige is down for the night, Ronnie and I break out the Wii and play together. We do Wii Fit or Mario Kart mostly. We Wii at least 3 nights a week. We've both lost a couple of pounds this past week by using our Wii more. The Fit works with a balance board. It measures your weight, BMI, and keeps track of you as you exercise. Most exercises do require good balance. So, just a tip. If you're trying to do a balance exercise, make sure the cat doesn't get on the balance board with you. He will definitely mess things up!

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C. Beth said...

I love the Fit! I have not been as consistent recently--and I hate when the stupid game points that out to me. ;)

My dog and kids have messed up my balance and weight too. :)