Tuesday, June 3, 2008


OK, so I reread that and realized I didn't really address the fun parts of the Wii. First, the balance games. When I first got on it the game checked my balance. Then it asked if I trip much when I walk. Ummm, yep. I'm a klutz. My balance has greatly improved and so has my posture. I'm already realizing my back doesn't hurt as much as before. I'm not really doing the strength training part. The push ups and things didn't interest me when I was in the Army, much less now that I'm out. I can do that at the gym. The aerobics games are pretty good. I can't hula hoop in real life, but I'm a PRO on Fit! I'm even enjoying step aerobics on Fit. Now for the best part, Yoga. I so LOVE LOVE LOVE the yoga part! I can stretch and relax so well. There aren't a lot of poses, around 12 to 15 I think. But, they're fun. And it's just starting to show me how I can put them together on the game.

You do all of this on the balance board. The board is able to tell you where your center of gravity is and how well you've done on the games. The more you play the game, the more activities you unlock. The more you unlock, the more fun you have.

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Carol Beth said...

I WANT THIS!!!! I wasn't very interested in the Wii until Fit came out. I haven't lusted after a product like this in quite some time.