Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Movies

I still haven't sorted my vacation pictures yet. But, I have seen 2 summer movies already. Several weeks ago we went to see Iron Man. Ronnie loved the comic as a kid and teenager. I never read the comic, but thought Iron Man was cool. We try to see most Marvel movies that come out. This one was different. In the past Marvel has had to use a Hollywood studio to produce the movies. But, with the huge success of Spiderman, Marvel has been able to produce their own movies. This means they can stay more true to the comic and not have to worry about pleasing the studio execs who don't even know what a comic book is. Iron Man was great. It stayed true to the comic while giving us non-comic readers a great time. The action was wonderful, it had a plot, the acting was even good! All in all a definite summer movie hit.

Last night we saw Indiana Jones & The Kingdom on the Crystal Skull, or Indy 4. Do you realize it's been 19 years since the last Indy movie? Really. 19 years. Those 19 years gave George Lucas time to rewrite the script 7 times. It gave him time to change the title from & The Green Men from Mars. It gave him time to build up our expectations. I admit, this was my top movie to see before the summer started. It has Harrison Ford, Shia Lebouf, and the actual real actors coming back for their roles. I was ready for this one. Why did I go see it? I'm not saying it was bad. It's not. Not really. It was good for what it was. But it wasn't 19 years good. I expected better. Anyone remember The Mummy with Brendan Frasier? Consider that to be Indy 4. Perfect plot and action for it. I remember watching it thinking "this is what the next Indy should be." Now that you have that in your mind, go see Crystal Skull. You'll enjoy it more. Forget those 19 years.

There are other movies coming out. I would like to see The Incredible Hulk. I loved watching it as a child. I refused to see the one that came out several years ago. I would like to see Hancock. What can I say? I've had a crush on Will Smith since the video for Parents Just Don't Understand debuted on MTV. I want to see The Happening. I'm actually hearing good things about this one. I won't go see Zohan unless I'm tied to a chair at gunpoint with toothpicks holding open my eyes. Same for Baby Mama. Oh, and that new one from Austin Powers. It looks AWFUL. Not sure about the new X-Files. I've been over that for years now. But, the producer says this is the movie he wanted to make before the show ended. We'll see. We usually catch a matinee and if nothing else is good for a Paige break.

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