Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paige help

Paige inherited a stool. It's a little wooden stool that my dad made. It makes her just tall enough to really help out in the kitchen. We have now got a little helper in the kitchen. And, oh, does she like to help. If she discovers you've sneaked into the kitchen without her she comes running in screaming, "Paige Help! Paige Help!" She then drags the stool over to where you are. Lovely sounds of wood scraping tile fills the air.

Once your ears have recovered, you realize you have a 2 year old attached to you at the kitchen counter. And it is always her turn. She likes to help stir, whisk, and eat olives. She will help put stuff in a bowl. Especially olives. She puts things in the sink for you and then insists on washing her hands. If you're holding a knife she really likes to get up beside you. Knives seem to be a Paige magnet. The larger the knife the more quickly she comes running.

Paige has recently discovered that her stool lets her do other things too. Like reach the shelf with the cookies. Or get her own ice water out of the fridge door. She can't open the cookies by herself so she still brings them to us. And she hasn't discovered how to unlock the ice dispenser. When she realizes that we're in trouble.

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Carol Beth said...

You have more patience than I do! Ana loves to help in the kitchen. She has a stepladder and calls, "Mommy, I want my wadder (ladder)!" But more often than not I want to work more efficiently and I say no. Maybe I need to just enjoy having a little helper even if things do take longer!

We got the MOJO in the mail! It came without a problem in the Ziploc. I have not used it yet (busy the last few days) but I'm looking forward to it! It smells good! Thank you so much and please give Chef Elvis a big thank you hug for us! Heck, give him a big ol' kiss!