Thursday, June 26, 2008

My day

I intended this blog to be more about our family and stuff we do. Lately, it's all about me. Like today for example. Yesterday after lunch (which I didn't even really get to eat) I started feeling bad. I came home and laid down before going to get Paige. It felt like someone had a hammer and they were beating me just below my bra strap. Great, huh? I decided if it continued today I would call my doc.

This morning I called at 8:02. I tried to call at 8 but the phones were still forwarded. The very nice receptionist told me my doc has an available appointment in mid July. She then asked if that was OK. Ummm, no. I'm sick and in pain today, not in 3 weeks. Yes, I really said that. She was speechless for a few seconds there. After 17 minutes on the phone I had an appointment for the nurse to call me back.

Around 9:15 my left arm got all numb and tingly. I called Ronnie, who was about 2 miles away. He picked me up and took me to the ER by our house. I was there about 6 hours, mostly back in the room waiting on lab results. The EKG came back normal. The blood work came back normal. The X-Rays showed something that could be something, or maybe nothing. I got a CT scan.

The results of my day? 1 ovarian cyst (left ovary), 4 count them 4 kidney stones (2 in each kidney), and SEVERE acid reflux. I was told to avoid caffeine (I would rather cut my arm off than give up my 1 Coke each day), drink plenty of water (I already do), and to avoid spicy food. Avoid spicy food? Hello, my husband is a cajun chef! If I avoid spicy food I'll never eat! If he tries to cook bland food I'm not sure if it will be edible. Really. I don't think the man has ever cooked bland food. Besides, I know Paige won't eat bland. She turns her nose up at it.

Looks like I'll be living on that uber strength Prevacid he gave me.

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Carol Beth said...

Oh, man!! What is the plan for the kidney stones, just let them pass? I am so sorry!!