Friday, June 6, 2008

MMmmmm Margaritas!

I did something tonight I don't normally do. I went out for margaritas. It started as dinner and maybe a drink or 2 with my friend Nikki. We decided to meet at the Mexican place down the street from my house, El Toro. Great food, bad service, strong drinks. We decided to meet at 6:30. I got there first and looked over the menu. Hmmmm, 1 margarita is $3.50, a pitcher is $10. I ordered the pitcher.

We had drank, ate chips, drank, ate dinner, drank, and drank some more. We finally finished the pitcher between the 2 of us. Did I mention the drinks are strong? A VERY unnatural shade of green, but they're strong. We sat and talked about EVERYTHING. I'm talking one of those girlfriend talks. Sex. Drugs. People in the next booth. Kids. Problems. Politics. Religion. Sex. We had a blast. This was one of those rare nights. Her 3 older kids (all under age 5) were staying the night with family members & her youngest was home with Daddy. (Two are her niece & nephew she's raising.) Paige was home with Daddy. We actually had a night of total adult conversation. And complete girl talk.

Ronnie and Marc had planned to go out when I got back from dinner. I was thinking like 8 maybe and I would be home. I called at 9 to tell him we were leaving the restaurant. This is the kind of night I enjoy and wish I could have more of. Now I'm at home, Paige has been in bed for hours, and Ronnie is out with Marc having some guy time. So, not only did I get girlfriend time, but I also get total ME time as well. I'm kicked back in the Sponge Bob jammies with Clueless on. Ronnie would never go for watching this one. It's one of those total chick flicks that I usually avoid, but I secretly like. There are a few of them that I like. This just happens to be one of them.


Carol Beth said...

Sounds like an awesome night. I love me a good margarita. Add some chips and salsa and a good girl talk and it's pretty perfect.

Bri said...

9 oclock on a moms night out? Id be lucky to roll in by 11 if DH was home with the kid HAHAHA Sounds like it was a blast.