Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Heart Video Games!

I thought I would do a blog on how much I love my Wii Fit. Then I thought about it last night and realized I don't just love Wii Fit, I love video games in general. Starting with Atari. I had one. When they first came out, too. We would come home from school, rush through chores, and start playing. Usually me and my cousin Nancy. We had all the cool games: Pong, Tanks, Breakout. We even had the paddle controls! That started my love of video games.

I took the Nintendo route. Ronnie took the Sony route. Over the years I had Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Gamecube. I've also had Gameboys in black & in color, as well as Gameboy Advanced & Advance SP. Currently I have a DS. Ronnie has had Playstation 1 & 2. We've played with a PSP, and neither one of us really wants one, we're happy with our DS's. By the way, we have 2, one for each of us.

When the Wii and PS3 came out, it was like a video game system showdown in our house. We each looked into the system we wanted. I won. We bought a Wii. The final win over was when he played one at Gamestop. After that he had to have one. This was a week after it came out. The hunt was on. Finally, I found one in January, 2007. I had to argue down a sales lady at Walmart. But, I walked out of there with it. FYI, if it's on the shelf they have to sell it. It doesn't matter if they say it was a mistake and was supposed to be held for the Sunday ad.

Since purchasing the Wii lots of people have been over and played it. Some of those even have a PS3. Is it odd that a college student with a PS3 asked to trade us for the Wii? Yeah, I thought so too. We have created Mii's for lots of people. Our collection of games has grown. I tend to like puzzle games. In that line we've got Elebits (super fun!), Ramon Raving Rabbids, Harry Potter, Carnival Games. Ronnie likes superhero and driving games. So, we have Need for Speed Carbon, Marvel Alliance and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. Our accessories are growing as well to include a steering wheel, a gun, and several Wiimotes & nunchuks.

Our latest game is the Wii Fit. They are really hard to find. An online friend shared a site with us, www.wiitracker.com. Great site. It allowed me to find a Wii Fit in stock at a local store. It was the only store in my town with it in stock. Even better? It was Sears, in the mall, next to my office building. I called Ronnie to ask if I could buy it. (In our house any frivolous purchase over $50 needs to be OK'ed.) He said sure, if I would use it. Yeah, I've used it. And so has he. And so has Paige. It's a fun game. More importantly, it really does give you a work out. By the time I'm done I can feel it in my legs especially. I really like that it tells me my weight, BMI, and how to lower it. I do still go to the gym. I do this on top of the gym. It makes me feel like I'm doing something about my weight. Even if you don't go to the gym, this can give you a good workout. And when you consider the price, $249 for a Wii, and $90 for Fit, it's cheaper than a membership. Lots more fun too.

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