Friday, June 13, 2008

We're Going on Vacation!!

And it's a Mommy Daddy ONLY vacation! We're celebrating our 4th anniversary and my college graduation. My poor husband really did get neglected while I was in school. It's time to make up for it. We've made reservations here for the weekend.

We have a cabin today through Monday. And a 70% chance of storms tomorrow. It always rains on our vacations.

Paige has a reservation with Hotel Aunt Wendy. OK, so she's staying in her own bed since we all live together. The main thing is that Wii Wii will be taking care of Paige for the weekend while we go away. This will be the first time we have both left her together. She's gone on trips with one or the other, but we've never left her and gone off together.

I'm not taking the computer. This is a somewhat technology free weekend. There's no TV in the cabin. We're taking our cell phones of course, as well as a camera and a Nintendo DS. Other than that, nothing. This should be an interesting weekend. I'll be sure to post when we get back.


Bri said...

Hope you guys had a blast and the rain wasnt too bad!

Laralee said...

Wish I had seen this post were about 20 minutes from me!

Hope y'all had a great time!