Monday, June 2, 2008

Hand, Footh, Mouth Disease

I had intended for my next blog to be an homage to Wii Fit. Then life stepped in. Saturday Paige woke up with a bit of a rash on her face. I didn't think anything of it and went on with our day. We went to visit my parent, aunts and uncles as they installed a new floor in Granny's foyer & kitchen. By the time we got home the rash was on her knee and chest. Then her temperature got up to 102.8. Motrin only brought it down to 101 or so. I got online to my Mommy board to ask and got a couple of different ideas: roseola, fifths disease, strep. All good suggestions, and readng her symptoms seemed to go with parts of each one, but didn't fit any perfectly.

Sunday went about the same. Her fever getting worse in the afternoon. The rash getting more and more red the higher her fever went. She didn't really want to eat anything, but has drank so much juice Ronnie had to run out for more Saturday night. (Oh, and for the record apple juice is good, apple cider is not.) We managed to get through Sunday with a very clingy little girl who wanted to play but then didn't. The only thing consistent was her wanting to be held and snuggled, and to drink apple juice.

Mommy called bright and early this morning and got an appointment with our pediatrician. Dr. Laycock is wonderful!! We officially have hand, foot, mouth disease. I was told to give her plenty of juice, plenty of snuggles, and to keep her home from daycare at least through tomorrow. Ronnie and I are splitting the days. I get the morning shift at home with Paige, and he comes home at noon. I get to escape to work for a few hours at least. The super clingy-ness only lasts so long then she wants to do something only to be held. Ah, the joys of a 2 year old who can't make up her mind!

Maybe next time I can talk about Wii fit.

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Carol Beth said...

Oh, poor Paige! We've somehow escaped HFM so far...I've heard it can be miserable. :( I hope she feels better VERY soon.