Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Band Geek in Training

One of our goals with Paige is to, well, raise a Geeky child. Is that selfish? We're Geeks. Saying that word in our house is considered a compliment. We have 9 computers on our home network, including the server. There are only 5 of us in the house old enough to use a computer. We have game nights where friends come over after Paige goes to bed. We play trivia board games all night. Geeky? Yes.

Probably our second biggest Geeky thing is music (right after computers, of course). Want to start a band? Come on over. We have a complete drum set in the front room with the computers. We have 2 guitars in our bedroom, and another in Marc & Wendy's. We have 2 keyboards. This house also contains 1 trombone and 1 trumpet named Ella.

Ronnie has had Ella since Freshman year of high school. He played her all through high school and college. After that he loaned her out to his now ex-girlfriends niece. Ella has a dent in the side from a rifle that Monica dropped our Senior year on the field one day. (So glad it wasn't me!) He has kept her in with him every time he's moved. Ella currently resides on the top shelf of the bookcase in our bedroom.

We've been diligently working with Paige on her belly farts. She's thought it was fun. Ronnie has been building up her embouchure. She's finally gotten really good at belly farts. First, he got the mouthpiece off his computer desk. She actually got a sound! Greatly encouraged, Ronnie proceeded to bring down Ella. As he opened the case she was trying to climb in and see what it was all about. As soon as Ella was out, Paige was trying to grab her. Ronnie managed to get the mouthpiece inserted and show Paige how to blow.

Here's Paige getting her first notes from a trumpet.

She loved it so much she didn't want to let it go.

Think Daddy's happy?

Hopefully she'll love music as much as we do. We would like for her to play a brass instrument, or percussion. We're hoping she'll avoid the woodwinds. They're just no fun during marching season. Whatever she wants to play is fine with us. She does have a love of the drum set, so we'll see.


Carol Beth said...

So cute...but what is a belly fart?!

Angie said...

A belly fart is a raspberry you blow on the belly. We've just always called them belly farts.

Carol Beth said...

Gotcha!! We call those zerberts. And I can see why being able to blow that hard would be useful in learning to play a brass instrument. It's all coming together.... :)

Kristi said...

Too cute! Paige looks like she's having such a great time! Daddy, too! :)

We're a musical family too, but I'm a woodwind girl myself! :) Flute and saxophone! Tom plays the guitar and both the boys LOVE it when he plays for them!