Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bob the Builder

Like all kids Paige has certain things she's into. She loves to play outside, take care of her baby doll, and color. She's OK on TV, but it depends on what it is. There are a few shows she'll sit still for, but not many. Being a child of Geeky parents she tends to watch sci fi shows. The other night she sat and watched an entire 1 hour episode of Dr. Who. It was a pretty good episode! She'll also sit and watch Stargate, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek. Moviewise she'll sit and watch Star Wars & Cars. Her all time favorite TV show for the past 4 or 5 months has been Bob the Builder. She loves her some Bob.

Our collection of Bob the Builder stuff is growing rather slowly. Almost everything out there is boy. So far we have Bob & Wendy stuffed dolls, a Scoop Tonka style truck, and a Brio railroad with Scoop and Bob figures. I have nothing against her playing with boy toys, I did myself. I just know there are certain things my little Girly Girly Princess will not touch!

When my parents came over Saturday they brought Paige something very special. Mom had made Paige a pair of Bob the Builder shorts. She even put a ruffle at the bottom to make them more girly. Paige has been begging me to wear them since she got them. I finally did laundry yesterday and they were clean. She ran into the bathroom this morning chasing the cat and found the shorts out for her to wear. She grabbed them and held on while screaming "Paige Bob the Builder" at the top of her lungs. There was no way she wasn't wearing them today!

Here's a pic of the little Princess wearing her Bob the Builder shorts and a blue tank top. Please disregard the shoes. We had a shoe crisis just after this was taken. Orange Bob the Builder shorts only look good with pink Converse hi tops.


Carol Beth said...

Oh, man, Ana would LOOOOVE those. She is watching a Bob DVD right now! I should drop some "hints" to my mom about getting an easy shorts or shirt pattern and using fabrics with some of Ana's favorite characters on them. Ana would love that. Or I guess I could do it too! But it's so nice when Grandma does those things for us!

Bri said...

Shorts are adorable! We like the shoes too... both my girls have some like it!

Bri said...

I mean, two of my girls... cause Ive got three LMAO