Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do you salt?

We all have those recipes that call for salt and pepper to taste. Some people have salt and pepper shakers and stand there over the pot trying to add just the right amount. Too much salt, add more pepper, nope, still not right. Let's try adding more of this.

We have a traditional salt and pepper shaker. One is a Corona Bottle the other is a Rolling Rock, I think. They sit by the stove and mostly collect dust. For everyday use, we have this.

It's a tub of salt and pepper. Just take off the top and throw in a pinch. After about a week you get used to just how much "to taste" is.

We mix ours with Kosher salt and a table ground pepper. Not the super fine ground pepper, but a courser pepper. Makes it easier to pinch and toss in a pot. The key is to mix your salt & pepper to a consistency that you like. Ours is heavier on pepper than you would find in most houses probably.

It's super easy to do. Just grab a Ziploc container to start. (Ours is actually from leftover egg drop soup.) Start pouring in a bit of salt and pepper. Cover the container and blend it. Take off the container and add more until you have a mix you can live with.

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