Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Kitchen Do Over

Our kitchen is on the small side. It's very functional except for 1 thing: the fridge. It's next to the windows, so you can't open the door all the way. Basically to get the gallon of milk from the back you have to be a contortionist. Here's the before picture.

Yes, it's from Paige's birthday party this year.

As you can see, the fridge is against the wall. The space under the microwave is part of our pantry area. In front of the fridge is a steel table and next to that a white, very small pantry.

Being tired of trying to get into your fridge makes you do weird things. We moved it. It's now where the white pantry used to be. (This has been moved into the bedroom for my craft storage area). Where the fridge used to be is now a pantry. We got 4 of these steel shelves from Lowe's and put them together into 1 shelving system.
http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=71485-80752-LO346&lpage=none Our finished product:

Add to that an extension for the water line, and we have a fully function fridge next to our door! A lot of people have their fridge next to their back door, right? It's so much easier to use now that I don't care that it looks a little funky.The white pantry that used to be there makes a great storage for my craft stuff. I had been looking for something for months. I wanted to be able to gather my supplies into 1 main area, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money to do it. I was being rather picky because it also needed to close. With all of the scissors and things I didn't want Paige to be able to get into it. This worked perfect!
This isn't all of my supplies. But, it is everything I didn't already have stored in a Rubbermaid container. For me that was close enough. Bonus? It fit perfectly between my dresser and the wall!

So, we rearranged our kitchen and I got a craft storage area all for about $200. Not bad.


Special K said...

Woohoo!!!! Very nice! I have a rather large kitchen because I have a stand-alone island with cabinets on one wall and an extension area next to the seating that is also cabinetry. I have used 2-3 of the cabinets for craft things, playdoh, etc as well! It feels silly not taking advantage of every inch of kitchen space for kitchen stuff, but it sure is nice ot have the craft supplies in the kitchen where hte mess happens anyway!

Carol Beth said...

Those shelves are cool!! Great solution to your space problem.