Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paige and Grumpy

Let me start by saying I left my camera at home today. Bad Mommy. Paige and I went to an end of the season crawfish boil today. It was at my cousin Nancy's house, which is across the street from my parents house. Of course we started by going over to see Grammy and Grumpy. (Nancy is also one of Paige's Godmothers, for the record.) When it was time to head over we just all walked across the street. Grumpy was coming down the wheelchair ramp and Paige was all ready to jump in his lap for a ride. When we finally let her crawl up in his lap she got a HUGE grin on her face.

Grumpy and Paige made it across the street just fine. (A small miracle in itself. For the uninitiated, my family live out in the country, not in a subdivision. Their road is like the Indy 500 for most drivers and is very curvy.) Once we got into Nanny Ann's backyard, Paige had to be close to her Grumpy. Grumpy got his afternoon coffee, Paige had to have some too. It went on like that for most of the afternoon. She even tucked her napkin into her shirt like he does.

We got ready to leave at the same time as my parents. They wheeled on out to the front yard while we said our bye-byes to Paw Paw and Aunt Glenny. Paige almost had a melt-down. She thought her Grumpy was leaving without her. OH THE HORRORS! I had to convince her that wasn't happening. We met on the other side of the obstacle course known as the cars. (Her section is a 10 acre yard, yet all the cars are clustered in one spot by the house.) Once on the other side I sat Paige in Grumpy's lap. She was perfectly content to ride back across the street on her Grumpy. Getting her out of his lap and into the car was much easier than I expected it to be. Maybe next time I'll remember the camera since they are just so cute together.

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