Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our new boys

We adopted 2 new kittens from the local ASPCA on Saturday. Ronnie had asked for a kitten for his birthday, which is in August. I like to shop early, and you can't really hide a kitten for 2 months. We went for 1 kitten. Just 1. We were looking for an older kitten, say 6 months or so, and we wanted a girl. Something old enough and smart enough to run from Paige. When we were looking Ronnie found a beautiful gray kitten, 12 weeks old. We worked with a very nice volunteer named Megan. She opened the door for us to get out the gray kitten.

The door opened and 2 bundles of fur came pelting out the door. The gray went straight to Ronnie. The smaller white bundle landed on my foot and started attacking my flip flop as it purred. Turns out they were brothers. How could we separate brothers? We would have to either take both, or leave both. Ronnie was in love with his little gray fluff ball. I was getting quickly attached to the white skinny kitten who was purring over me and Paige. Both cats even went to her and let her hold them!

We walked out with both kittens. Both are boys. Went in for 1 girl kitty about 6 months, walked out with 2 boy kitties who are 12 weeks. They are both very loving bundles of fur. Both are smart enough to run and hide from Paige. We have renamed both of them. The white kitten was named Honeybun, and the gray was named Honeydew. We had new names before we left. My kitty, the white one, is R2D2. He's white with a little gray making him look dirty. He also has very blue eyes, like R2's stripes in the movie. We call him R2 for short. Ronnie named his K-9. It's a Dr. Who thing. In the older version of the series K-9 is a robot dog The Doctor created.

Here's Ronnie with both boys.

Paige and K-9 on the bed.

And R2, the Incredible Flexible Kitty.

Sorry the picture is so dark. This cat is so white he absorbs the flash and turns into one giant white blob in most pictures!

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Carol Beth said...

Love the names, and the pic of R2 stretching is GREAT! Almost makes me want a cat...but my allergies beg to differ.