Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Girl Bike

At his 2nd birthday party my cousin Andrew got his first big boy bike. Paige saw it and her eyes lit up. By the time she managed to sit on it she was in love. As I pulled her from the bike she was telling me how much she wanted a big girl bike. Being a good Mommy, my first thought turned to bribery. See, I wanted Paige to potty train, she wanted a big girl bike, I saw where we could work something out.

On the way home I explained to Paige that to get a big girl bike she needed to be a big girl. I then went on to say that big girls use the potty, only babies use a diaper. So, to get a big girl bike she had to use the potty. Ronnie & I discussed the rules: fully trained during the day time. Night time is more control & more of a physical development of the bladder. So, fully trained, no accidents during the day, and she gets a big girl bike.

Saturday we went to the USS Alabama again. She went all day with no accidents. Sunday morning Aunt Wii took her to church & once again, no accidents. That put her at a solid 3 weeks with no accidents during the day. After she woke up from her nap off we went shopping.

We didn't tell her what we were shopping for, only that we needed to go to the store. We went to Toys R Us and hit the bike section. We pulled down every 12 inch bike they had for girls. Paige had to make the final decision. She had a hard time deciding between a Barbie and the one she got. See, Barbie had a bell & cool streamers. I pulled some off the shelf to show her we could buy some for the other bike. She was sold. We came home with this one.

She loves riding her bike. You can tell by the chessy grin.

We were out riding well into the darkness. We finally pried her off the bike & into the house with promises of chips & salsa. And with promises of being able to ride after school on Monday. And of Tuesday. And well, everyday.

Mommy gets lots of exercise with this too. Paige doesn't get the full idea of peddling. She pushes down with one foot and can't do it with the other. I have to run behind her helping to push & steer at the same time. Next goal: learn to ride the bike.


C. Beth said...

What a COOL BIKE! Congratulations, Paige!

I wonder if using a bike as bribery for pooping in the potty would work better than the other things we've been offering Chickie. I don't know if anything but time will help at this point, but it might be worth a shot....

Monica said...

yah paige!!! Big girls rule!!